Soda Pop Floats & Secrets

This session began as a brief discussion with Mia’s mom about three years ago in South Florida. We never got into details or found the right location and then Mia and her mom moved back up to Massachusetts. She knew I would be heading up for my annual trip to New England so we got back onto the 1950s session conversation. I mentioned ‘if there was only a retro ice cream parlor around. There was! Cindy’s Drive-In in Granby, Mass. It was perfect timing since the location is only open seasonally. We made a few calls and purchased some sweet retro dresses and watched this mutual idea come alive!
It happened to be right around Mia’s 8th birthday and she just got her ears pierced so a celebration was a must! We ordered root beer floats and a special birthday sundae. Nothing is better than ice cream piled high with your mom♥

Much thanks to the ladies at Cindy’s Drive-In for making this afternoon so memorable!

Happy birthday, Mia!




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